Dragonball Kai Comes to America!

As I logged on to my Twitter today, I saw a tweet from FUNimation simply saying ‘The answer is yes. More info coming soon.’ The answer to what? All of my hopes and dreams?

Well, sort of!

Mere minutes after that tweet, FUNimation released a press release titled ‘The Answer is Yes’. The only contents of the press release was a glorious Dragonball Kai logo. Finally, FUNimation has licensed Dragonball Kai.

The Dragonball series is very near and dear to my heart, both as an anime fan and in a personal way. Dragonball Z was the first anime I watched after I discovered what ‘anime’ really was. It was something I always looked forward to watching, so much so that when a particularly exciting episode was on, my brother and I would bargain with our parents to be able to eat our dinners in the living room so we could watch while we ate, since it always came on during dinner time. The next day in school, I would be in a circle with all of my friends talking about the previous night’s episode. It wasn’t just a show for me, it was an event. So you can imagine how excited I am that not only will I be able to relive some of those memories, but a new generation of anime fans will be exposed to the Dragonball series for the first time as well. However, this is a very exciting thing not only for Dragonball fans, but for anime fans everywhere.

Dragonball is a very beloved series in America, and I am hoping (though not holding my breath) that this will mean FUNi will put in the time and money to dub it, which will hopefully inspire people to actually go out and buy the boxsets. This of course will pump more money into FUNi and the anime industry and will hopefully make things a little brighter for us all. I see this not only as something I am personally excited about, but as something that can be great for the anime industry as well. It’s not going to single-handedly save the industry of course, but every little bit helps.

I hope that all of you Dragonball fans out there will check Kai out (if you haven’t already) whether they decide to dub it or not, and I hope you will pick up a copy of it for yourself as well. I have only seen the first two episodes of it myself, but I am dieing to see the rest, and I may just do so by picking up the boxset when it is eventually released here in America.

Until then, I will be anxiously awaiting more information on how FUNi plans to handle bringing Dragonball Kai over to America, and you can be sure I’ll be blogging about it as well.

Amendment (2/14/10) ~ FUNimation gave us fans a wonderful Valentine’s Day present at Katsucon 16 by announcing that the first Dragonball Kai box set will be released May 18th, 2010!

They also released the cast list (yes, it’s getting dubbed!), which is identical to the original release save for five parts:

Gohan ~ Colleen Clinkenbeard
Bulma ~ Monica Rial
Narrator ~ Doc Morgan
Chiaotzu and Puar ~ Brina Palencia

I am both happy and sad about this development. While I am delighted to see they were able to keep so much of the original cast while adding great voices like Colleen and Monica, I am saddened to see that Kyle Hebert will not be reprising his role as the narrator. Still, I have no doubts that the dub will be high-quality. There is no reason for you guys to not go out and nab this boxset!

Amendment (3/9/10)
I saw this a few weeks ago, but forgot to mention it here! Kyle Hebert himself (You can follow him on Twitter @kylehebert) addressed the issue of him not returning as narrator for Dragonball Kai!

He explained that the creators and teams that work on the Dragonball franchise like to view each show as its own incarnation, and to go with that theme they decided to choose a new narrator to make Kai stand out even more as its own project. Thanks for clearing that up for us, Kyle!

Amendment (3/11/10)
AnimeNewsNetwork reported today that Nickelodeon will be airing Dragonball Kai on their Nicktoons programming block.

I for one am not happy with this. For those who are fans of Invader Zim, you know how horribly Nickelodeon butchered it, even to the point where several fans are convinced that Nick bought the show without realizing it wasn’t meant for kids and then proceeded to hack it to pieces anyway to make it appropriate for children. I can only imagine how badly Dragonball Kai is going to be censored. Only time will tell, but I can only forsee bad things coming from this.

Nickelodeon, feel free to make me eat my words. Please. I beg you.


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    I hope NickToons bring in some more anime.

    Here’s the link to Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4Vdx8qYOQY

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