My Dicey Obsession

It was in college that I was first introduced to the world of table-top roleplaying. I quickly fell in love with it, but what really took me by surprise was how serious people took it, to the point where they collected all different colors and shapes of dice just to play these games.

However, I quickly fell into that obsession as well. Dice can be some of the most artfully crafted and gorgeous little pieces of creativity you can ever happen upon. To feed this obsession of mine, the wonderful folks over at Chessex keep coming to conventions over on the east coast, and I have never once been able to walk past their tables without buying at least one of these trinkets.

My collection is small and modest, but I plan on growing it quite a bit, and I have a rather eclectic collection of some dice you may not have even knew existed. It’s tough for me to get more because any dice that are any color other than the normal black and white can get quite pricey.

So, let’s take a look, shall we?

This is my dice bag. Yes, that is the Sunagakure symbol from Naruto. Yes, I got this bag in a special edition Naruto boxset. Don’t judge me, the first few seasons were actually GOOD!

OMG TWO BAGS? Yes, this bag I got from Chessex but it’s starting to overflow so I keep that bag in the Suna bag.

Here it is, my whole collection! Again, small and modest. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? (Warning: these shots are very artistic because, well, when I have my camera in my hand I can’t stop myself)

These are my official Vampire: The Masquerade dice. As you can see they are 10-sided and the 1 is represented by an ankh. These were officially released by White Wolf who make the Vampire roleplaying system to go with the game.

This is full 7-dice set that you would normally use for games such as Dungeons and Dragons. It contains a d4, a d6, a d8, a d10 that goes from 0 and then 2-9, a d10 that goes from 00 and then 20-90, a d12, and finally a d20. It covers just about any dice you’d need for a d20 roleplaying system like D&D.

These are two of my more unusual dice. On the left is my d30 (they even go as high as making d1000s people!!) and the one on the right is a d10 that goes from 0 and then 2-9, with another dice of the same type inside of it. It’s like rolling two dice at the same time!

Here is where my dice start getting really odd. On the left is a weighted cheat dice that leans towards 6’s, in the middle is a round dice that uses a small weight to settle on a definite number, and on the right is a d7. Yes, a 7-sided dice!

This is a pair of my favorite dice, they are orange (my favorite color) with sparkles inside. I probably use these the most.

Here are two pairs of some simple d6. One pair is red with gold swirls and the other is green with blue and gold swirls.

Here are some fun dice! On the left is a dice where the number 1 is represented by the rat of the Chinese zodiac, in the middle is a dice where the number 1 is represented by a message reading ‘Don’t Touch My Dice!, and the one on the right has the 1 represented by a Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones).

More fun dice! On the left is a dice where the number 1 is represented by a message saying ‘Aaagh!’, the middle has the number 1 represented by a picture of a screw with [‘d] next to it (get it? Screwed!), and the one on the right has the 1 represented by a message that says ‘Son of a Bitch!’. These are great for games where you DON’T want to roll a 1!

Here are some more shots of my dice from my DeviantART page. Check out the rest of my photography there! =D

(Note: These are supposed to be embedding codes but for some reason WordPress doesn’t feel like cooperating. I strongly encourage you to click on the links and see the shots, I am very proud of them and they are really fun pictures! Thanks!)

Devil’s Luck Above by *DaHaloChick on deviantART

One Of These Things… by *DaHaloChick on deviantART

Game Time by *DaHaloChick on deviantART

Game Time II by *DaHaloChick on deviantART


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  1. 1

    Rettsu Lahmayo said,

    Sorry, which is exactly the name of the boxset that included that Sunagakure bag? And where could I buy one?

    Thanks ^^

    • 2

      I forgot which season of Naruto it came with, but its the special edition. It also came with a necklace and a headband inside. You can probably find them on Amazon, I think the special editions were limited, though.

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