Changes to Chu*Blog

As you may have noticed, some changes have come to Chu*Blog today. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post outlining these changes.

First of all, I have created a new blog called GinaMarie Writes where I will keep all of my blogs on my writing, on literature, and on writing in general. I would love to see some of you guys come on over and check out this blog in addition to Chu*Blog =D

Although I have made this change, my L.J. Smith reviews will continue to be posted on Chu*Blog because this is where my L.J. Smith fans know where to go to get those reviews, so they will be staying.

Secondly, I have deleted several blogs that never really got any views and had nothing to do with the overall theme of Chu*Blog. Those posts were:

  • The NaNoWriMo update posts
  • The ‘T-Virus’ 2-part Twilight bashing series
  • The first two posts I made about my Christmas gifts and about the state of the economy
  • My movie reviews
  • My Twilight/Vampire Diaries ‘why you shouldn’t compare’ blog

However, I also moved some of my posts to GinaMarie Writes. Those are:

  • My blog on book publishing versus online publishing
  • My Anne Rice editorial

So, there it is. Why have I done this? Well, to be honest I think Chu*Blog had a little too many things going on all at once. Also, I really, really want to start spending all of my time and energy on my writing, which means that you’ll be seeing a lot less frequent posts here on Chu*Blog. I’m sorry about that, but I really need to start getting my goals in order. I hope you all will understand.

I WILL be continuing to write manga reviews for JanaiBlog, so if you enjoyed my first one you can rest easy at that. I will still be blogging here whenever I can, however I have gotten some feedback that the things I talk about are overdone and that my posts are too long, so I am going to try and work on that as well. It should allow me more time to blog and also make the overall quality of Chu*Blog better.

So, that’s it. Make sure to check out the past couple of new blogs if you haven’t already, they’ve been my most popular yet so I think you’ll enjoy them!


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