GAR’s Greatest Gems

Action. Suspense. Bravery. Violence. EXPLOSIONS!

These are just some of the amazing things that GAR anime and manga have to offer. So, which titles are the cream of the manly crop? Sit back and enjoy my humble opinion of the greatest anime and manga gems that are chock-full of GAR goodness!

*Keep in mind by the way that my favorite GAR moments are limited to those that are not spoilers. Also, remember that I can only recommend what I’ve seen. With that, read away!*


This powerhouse of a show is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable experience. It’s full of demons, warring factions, bloody battles, devastating magical and mystical attacks, and huge cities named after famous rock groups (come on, how bad-ass is that?). It’s also slightly erotic for those who enjoy that kind of thing. The manga is far more expansive than the 6-episode anime, so check the both of them out!

My Favorite GAR Moment: Dark Schneider sitting on his windowsill bare-ass naked. Because he’s that much of a pimp that he can do that and it comes off as totally acceptable.


This is the story of a mercenary group who wind up gaining the attention of the king. As they move up within the ranks of the kingdom’s armies and fight off attacks both physical and political, their leader slowly becomes corrupted by fame, power and a mysterious evil force, leaving the newest member Guts to try and save those he holds dear from his leader’s fall from grace. This show is powerful and exciting as well as interesting and thoughtful, mixing political intrigue with bloody battles. The gorgeous art adds to this to make a completely beautiful and unforgettable experience.

My Favorite GAR Moment: A cocky man completely encased in a heavy armor takes down a slew of people who challenge him, only to be taken out by Guts in a single stroke!

Fatal Fury

This set of 2 OVAs and a full-length motion picture are the epitome of early 90’s classic fighting anime. Based off of the classic SNK fighting series of the same name, they star Terry Bogard and his regular crew of friends as he fights to avenge those he has loved and lost while trying to find his own inner-peace. It features all of the characters’ signature moves from the games being used to create bloody and thoroughly enjoyable battles. The DVDs are hard to find, but if you can track them down they’re more than worth a try!

My Favorite GAR Moment: When a powerful man interrupts a high-class party looking for a fight, Kim takes to the challenge. He surprises everyone by letting his two young sons watch his battle so that they can better understand him and learn the true meaning of fighting for what is right. To make the moment even more memorable, his wife kneels down beside his sons and watches with them. As a side note, this method apparently works; in the game Garou: Mark of the Wolves for the Dreamcast, Kim’s sons are playable characters.

Saint Seiya

As the grandfather of the sentai anime genre, Saint Seiya is not a show to be missed! It involves plenty of warriors in gorgeous armors, each with their own unique fighting styles and abilities, fighting in the name of Greek gods to either save or destroy the world as their masters see fit. Beliefs are challenged and battles of body, wit, and sanity are waged throughout this expansive and breathtaking series. This mention on my list also includes the five movies, the three Saint Seiya: Hades OVA series’, and the currently airing Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas prequel series, as well as the currently running Saint Seiya: Next Dimension manga. All together they make a truly epic anime and manga experience.

My Favorite GAR Moment: In the first episode, Seiya cuts off Cassios’ ear with an attack, forcing the lovable lug to spend the rest of the series with only half his hearing abilities!

Vampire Hunter D

Tired of your vampires sparkling in sunlight and stalking innocent humans? Then go back to the blood-sucking basics with this movie series! The music for both Vampire Hunter D and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is incredible, and all of the art is done by Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy fame, so you know that the visuals are going to be just as stunning as the battles, which are enthralling, bloody, and downright hardcore! If you’re not convinced yet, then allow me to remind you that Bloodlust was the first anime movie to ever air in American theaters. Why are you still reading this? Go watch them!

My Favorite GAR Moment: There is a flying leap in the air that D lands that cannot be described in words, but is guaranteed to leave your pulse pounding. It also bore one of the greatest quotes to come out of the series: ‘Have you ever heard the term ‘too close for comfort’? Because that was damn uncomfortable!’

Yoroiden Samurai Troopers

You may know this show better as Ronin Warriors! This sentai anime started out as a small mini-series (I believe it was supposed to be six episodes long), but it ended up two seasons long with three OVAs. It also became the parent of of one of the most famous blunders in anime history when a mistake by the television station airing it in Japan led to the same episode being aired twice in a row, making the creators cut the show one episode short due to scheduling obligations and incurring the wrath of Japanese GAR fans everywhere. This clearly shows how beloved this action-packed show is, and I guarantee you’ll love it just as much if you check it out yourself; the music and awe-inspiring battles will leave you hooked!

My Favorite GAR Moment: When Ryo finally gets fed up with Jun trying to follow them as they fight their battles, he turns around and smacks his armored hand right across the little boy’s face. This moment is the breaking point of the fear and tension surrounding their battle, and it leaves an impression that you won’t soon forget (Jun is also one of the more annoying characters in the show, so the slap is more than satisfying in that regard).

Yu Yu Hakusho

I have spoken a few times here on Chu*Blog about my love for this series. This is my favorite anime of all time, period. Why? The action, the thrills, the music, all of it culminates into well-paced fist-pounding action. It also manages to get some comedy and a slight sprinkle of romance in as well, all while keeping the show all about the fights, powers, and techniques. The characters are well-developed and have great back-stories and rivalries with other characters that make the battles all the more exciting. This is one title you CANNOT afford to miss!

My Favorite GAR Moment: When the younger Toguro brother carries the old stadium’s ring over to the new stadium ON HIS BACK to the new stadium after its destroyed during the Dark Tournament.

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  1. 1

    Janai said,

    This post is not moe enough.

  2. 2

    This post is not mecha enough.

  3. 3

    Katimusha said,

    Pretty nice list of gar anime I would have to say Guts takes the lsit of being the most gar anime character imo… lol @ Janai it should have at least 1 moe anime to confuse people.

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