The Five Worst Anime Ever

So we’re all clear here, in case you DIDN’T read the last line of this blog, this was an April Fool’s post! The opinions expressed here were a joke! You have been warned!

Everyone agrees that anime sucks nowadays. So, I’m going to look at the entirety of anime history and pick the top 5 worst anime ever. Why? Because these shows deserve it!

5. Lucky Star

It’s the Seinfeld of anime, and we all know how much Seinfeld sucks. It’s a show about nothing. Nobody cares about how you eat your chocolate coronettes. Also, anyone who enjoys this anime is a pedophile, as is clearly outlined by our government. Don’t you DARE try to cross state borders with this anime in your possession, you’ll regret it!

4. Toradora!

Boy is in love with girl’s best friend. Girl is in love with boys best friend. Boy and Girl try to help each other get laid, only to fall for each other. Seriously, how generic can you get? Also, there is this red-haired girl named Minorin who is absolutely intolerable. God, even Haruhi is more likeable than this chick!

4a. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Endless Eight.

3. One Piece

Who the hell cares about pirates anymore? This show is way too long and is insanely boring with TERRIBLE art. Go watch a better shounen show like Naruto and don’t waste your time with this one!

2. Bible Black

Really? A show about occults who want to sleep with everyone they can get their hands on? What were they THINKING? Since animation is a medium made for children, this kind of content should NOT be allowed in anime! You start to realize just how horrible Japan is getting when you see titles like this.

1. Strike Witches



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  1. 1

    thegoldenwaste said,

    I’ll respond on behalf of myself and perhaps Jon…

    OH YOU.

  2. 2

    Koji Oe said,

    I agree mostly. I mean even if it is April Fool’s those shows do suck.

    Although, Toradora isn’t that bad. If you’ve been following anime for the past 5 years or so, you’d see it is possibly the best romance/comedy/slice of life anime made in a long time.

  3. 3

    Tim Maughan said,’s an April Fools? Ah. Thing is I actually agree with every word of this. Apart from the but about Seinfeld, obviously.

  4. 5

    Rebekkah Grant said,

    What do you think of the Wolf’s Rain series? I admit, I’m not a huge anime fan, in fact, I’ve never really watched anime. But this series has to be my all time favourite.

    • 6

      I watched very little of Wolf’s Rain. It didn’t really interest me, but I know a lot of people who love it!

    • 7

      data2005 said,

      the worst anime iv seen was H.O.T.D.,its one of the shittyes anime iv ever seen,crappy animation,shitty dilloge,to much fanservce,stupit unlikible dumbass chariters,lameass storyline.this show is fucken reterdit and fucken gay,a complete wast of time and money.

  5. 8

    Boing said,

    This article is a prime example of ‘completely missing the point’, on several cases. First and foremost, the glaring misconception that animation is solely for children comes to mind, as a title like Bible Black, an actual hentai anime, is for adults only. An anime like One Piece endures, becomes ever more interesting, and matures with time, whereas an anime like Naruto seems to get progressively blander. What’s more, if naked legs are shocking to you, I can’t consider you an authority on anime.

    Even if we put the staple of general opinion aside and agree to disagree, the shows mentioned are a far leap from anything that comes close to the bottom of the barrel. We’re talking anime with bowel inducingly abysmal characters, plot, premise, or production values; things like Pokemon (especially after the initial first few seasons) or Beyblade are mindnumbing experiences that are much more deserving of our scorn. Yu-gi-oh (the second at least) is usually watched only because of the Hamminess of Dan Green’s voice. Usually, the biggest most popular cash cow series have the greatest potential for crappiness. Let’s not forget to mention that the Pokemon manga sports a huge amount of supposed 10 year olds in audaciously tiny tops and microskirts/shorts, in a medium that IS supposed to appeal to kids. Furthermore, I can think of at least a dozen lesser known titles that are much more dismal to sit through than your bottom 5.

    • 9

      Either YOU missed the point or you are making a lovely attempt at trolling. Either way, thanks for the reply! ❤

      • 10

        data2005 said,

        1.devilman lady-its boring as hell,its nothing like the mange,but the mange was gerbbige eneyway.the main chariter jun fudo douset have to much of eney personalty wich renders her boring,and the fights are lame,the supurtef chariter lane asaka is a real bitch,shes nothing like the one from mange,i fucken hate her.the atmaspher in the show is to dark,its hard to tell whats going in thare.2.gantz-i hate the animation,and the vouce acting is herrble.the pace of the show is slow.

  6. 11

    Omifizzle said,

    You have to be THE stupidest person in the world to put lucky star on that list. And then calling it bad because its like Seinfeld? Did you know that Seinfeld is the most successful show ever made. I don’t think that’s because everybody hates it. Just because the show doesn’t follow the setup that every other anime show follows doesn’t mean its bad.

    • 12

      I do hope you read the last line of the post, darling, and looked at the date the post was posted.

      If you did and still don’t get it, then allow me to put on my troll face.


      Thanks for reading! 😀

  7. 13

    VAshayS said,

    THIS FRIGGIN LIST IS AN EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well…it just depends on someones opinion but
    your list is BAD!!!!!

  8. 15

    Janai said,

    Hi Gina.

    Just wanted to let you know this list sucks, and I, like everyone else, totally missed that part about this being an April Fools joke. Oh wait.

    Now allow me to provide you with a 1000-word lecture on how to properly criticize anime— oh wait fuck that, new episode of OreImo is up.

  9. 16

    Tfish said,

    What a bunch of retards. I don’t see how you can possibly miss the april fools line unless you just glanced at the list and immediately flew into a rage. I have to agree with strike witches being one of the worst anime, other than loli I don’t see the appeal. It’s one of the most retarded concepts ever.

  10. 17

    Beatles > Anime said,

    This was an excellent article as I agree that these animes are truly horrible… until you wrote April Fools.

  11. 19

    Otaki said,

    Seinfeld was a great show, WIMIN DON’T KNOW TV OR ANIME

  12. 20

    heiti said,

    first i wonted to write something like : ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!

    but then…april fools^^ lucky star and haruhi suzumiya are just epic xD

  13. 21

    Anime Kramer said,

    I know you didn’t just fucking say seinfeld sucks

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