Chu*Bash [JRPG WEEK]

Yes, another blog series is coming to Chu*Blog!

As you could probably tell by reading Chu*Blog, I love the JRPG genre. I have been playing these games for over thirteen years now, and they never fail to excite and engage me. So, to celebrate this incredible genre, I am happy to announce an upcoming week-long series titled Chu*Bash [JRPG WEEK]! Chu*Bash will be the collective name for all of the celebratory blog series’ you will see here on Chu*Blog, and I am happy to say that [JRPG WEEK] will be the first one!

On each day of [JRPG WEEK] I will be uploading a review on one of my top seven JRPGs of all time! You can tune in the entire week and watch the countdown, which will range from newer games to some old, familiar classics.

Before [JRPG WEEK] starts, there are a few things I want you, my lovely readers, to keep something in mind:

I can only review what I have played, so don’t get upset if your favorite title isn’t on this list! Also, several of the titles that will be featured are ones that I have not played all the way through. This is simply because I have very little time, however I am confident that I am knowledgeable enough about each of these games to be able to review them. I would never review something on my blog if I were not totally confident that I could do so in a fair and qualified manner.

I am happy to announce that [JRPG WEEK] WILL BE NEXT WEEK, STARTING MONDAY, MAY 31ST!

On Monday, my #7 entry of the ‘My Top JRPGs’ list will be posted, with another review posted each day until we get to Sunday, where my top JRPG of all time will be revealed! You are encouraged to comment on these reviews and share your own favorite JRPGs with me!


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