My Top JRPGs ~ #7 ~ Final Fantasy VI

In 1997, a little game called Final Fantasy VII came along and changed the RPG genre. However, one thing this game did not change was the glow of its powerful predecessor, Final Fantasy VI (and it hasn’t done so to this day, either!).

Released for the Super Nintendo and known in Japan as Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VI takes place in a steampunk-like world on the brink of industrial revolution. Those who want power must acquire it with their bare hands, as the power known as Magic was put to an end during a war over 1000 years prior. Humans developed technology to make up for it, but magic is beginning to stir once more, and those with dark intentions are attempting to harness it, and they make their move when the barrier between their world and that of the magical creatures known as Espers begins to weaken. Gestahl, a powerful general, puts magic and technology together to create powerful and fearsome weaponry, but he is challenged by the Returners, a group of rebels who wish to stop his evil ways. In this game, you primarily follow the story of Terra, a Magitek soldier who is really under the control of a device. She is set free from her brainwashing by Locke, one of the Returners, and her new-found freedom will force her to decide what she believes is right as she forges a path to finding the secrets of her past and to saving the world from total destruction.

The plot of this game holds many twists and turns, so many in fact that I can’t really think of a way of explaining more than what you’ve read above without giving things away. However, I can tell you that as you continue on in your adventures, many new friends will join your quest. These characters range in type from a primative little boy to an actual king, and each character is deeply developed and downright lovable. The story and character development starts off rather slow in my opinion, but stick with the story and you will quickly become invested in the tale being artfully woven in front of you.

The gang battle some huge scorpions in a desert, one of the many types of setting you’ll travel through in this game.

The gameplay is standard old-school Final Fantasy gameplay, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. Each character has their own special abilities such as Terra’s magic, Edgar’s crazy inventions, and Gau’s ability to learn skills and attack patterns from enemies. This makes each character unique and fun to fight with, and you will quickly find yourself forming your own personal favorite party to take into battle. This also ensures that battles are never boring, as a quick switch of a party member or two is often enough to shake things up if you get bored (which I highly doubt you will).

However, this can be hot and cold at times; Edgar’s inventions are always useful and quite powerful, while, in my opinion, Gau’s ability to learn enemy’s skills is severely handicapped by the fact that you can only learn skills from enemies in one specific area, which is located near where he first joins your party. You will find yourself stopping your adventure to gather some powerful enemy attacks for Gau, then find he stays rather stagnant battle-wise until you can find a means of returning to that area of the world map again to grab and abilities you may have missed out on. This resolves itself before you get that chance however when you gain the ability to equip Espers to your characters which, when leveled up, will let your characters permanently learn spells and abilities. Give each character some time with each Esper and you could teach each character every spell in the game, although this would be very time consuming.

As for the graphics, they are also very standard for Super Nintendo RPGs. Still, the character designs are fun and the location designs are powerful. When paired with the always incredible music that Final Fantasy games consistently offer, you will often get chills down your spine as you walk into a spooky place, or feel yourself perk up as you stroll through a bright, sunny town. This adds to the emotional roller-coaster that the story takes you on, and when put all together, it makes for a truly unforgettable gaming experience.

That really is the best word that I could use to describe Final Fantasy VI: Unforgettable. It simply delivers in every area that a good JRPG should, and is one of the most well-rounded RPGs i’ve ever played by far. If you haven’t played it yet, there’s no excuse for you to wait any longer! Go, now!


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