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Chu*Cast Episode 2: Plane Rides and Suicides

Episode 2 of Chu*Cast is here! Steven D’Onofrio of talks to me about his time going to college in Japan. We discuss his journey there, how different the culture was from what he expected, and Japan’s frightening suicide rate. Plus, he reveals some exciting future plans he has in store!

Check it out below!

If you want to download this podcast, click on the down arrow on the bottom of the Mevio player to download the MP3. Enjoy!

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Chu*Cast Episode 1: But Mom, I AM Playing With My Friends!

It’s here! Episode 1 of Chu*Cast has hit! Anthony Giannetti, a.k.a. @OpalPhoenix of the video game and anime blog The Opal Phoenix Nest joins me in talking about MMORPGs and RTS games. We discuss how the genre has evolved, how it effects the industry, and what happens when free-to-play games go horribly, horribly wrong.

Enjoy, and I encourage you to leave comments and criticism on this first episode!

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