Chu*Cast Episode 1: But Mom, I AM Playing With My Friends!

It’s here! Episode 1 of Chu*Cast has hit! Anthony Giannetti, a.k.a. @OpalPhoenix of the video game and anime blog The Opal Phoenix Nest joins me in talking about MMORPGs and RTS games. We discuss how the genre has evolved, how it effects the industry, and what happens when free-to-play games go horribly, horribly wrong.

Enjoy, and I encourage you to leave comments and criticism on this first episode!


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    […] games, I am pretty much brand newe to the world of MMORPGs. Don’t believe me? Listen to the episode of Chu*Cast where my brother and I discuss the […]

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    B. P. Edwards said,

    I’ve been playing WoW for almost 2 years now… And I will say paying $15 a month is well worth the money. for one u get something to do. You have hours and hours of entertainment for a little bit of cash. Second, the community is HUGE and you will find the most random people on the street who play the same game as you. But i have to say: If its cloned then its something worth while. WoW is the epitome or the classic RPG… Heros and magic and all that funky jazz! Free to play is fun for a while… but then u have the age old question in front of you: Quality or convenience?
    And i do understand the monetary issue for some people, but in summation: You get what you pay for, and in some cases (Free to Play in specific) you play what you find.
    B. P. Edwards……

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