Ginachu In Review? It’s More Likely Than You Think!

Yes!! I am excited to share with you all that I was a guest on Otaku in Review, an amazing otaku podcast hosted by Scott Spaziani of the Otaku in Review blog and Jon Ingoglia of JanaiBlog!

We discussed lots and lots and LOTS of simulcasts, discovered that Scott still really really really really really loves Angel Beats!, talked about series reboots and remakes (which sparked an epic battle between Jon and Scott for Star Wars nerd supremacy!), talked about the rumors of a second season of (blech) Kimi ni Todoke, quoted everyone’s favorite evil effeminate clown, and lots more, all while Jon and I braved the crazy storm that hit New York, which caused us some technical difficulties just as we were about to start recording!

Check it out here:
Otaku in Review, Episode 31: I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…

Also, be sure to check out the rest of the Otaku in Review podcasts, they are tons of fun! Thanks again to Scott and Jon for having me on, it was an absolute blast!


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