Chu★Cast Episode 4: 2010 and Beyond: An Otaku Perspective

Brent (@OtakuNoVideo) of Otaku, No Video and Greg (@TheDigitalBug) from the anime blog Reisen Goes To School By Bus join me in the fourth episode of Chu★Cast!

We talk about what anime and video game gifts we received this year, as well as what 2010 was like for the anime industry, hitting on some of the most memorable stories and issues of the year (such as the Youth Ordinance Bill and how moe has changed in 2010), ending in our thoughts on what 2011 will bring for anime and the anime industry, as well as what we’d like to see in the new year!

A very happy, healthy, and bright New Year to all of you!

Chu★Cast is now available on iTunes for free! Get it here now!

If you want to download this podcast outside of iTunes, click on the Mevio player to go to the episode’s site, then click the down arrow on the bottom of the Mevio player to download the MP3. Enjoy!


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