City of Heroes Going Free-To-Play

Yes, you read that right!

After 7 strong years on the market, NCSoft announced that, alongside the Issue 21 update for City of Heroes being released later this year, we will also be getting City of Heroes: Freedom, a free-to-play version of the superhero-themed MMO.

Free-to-play members will receive 2 character slots to use, as well as 45 game zones, 8 character types, and 105 power sets. Members who continue to subscribe, now known as VIP Members, will accrue Paragon Points, which they can use to purchase more content from the game’s store. Free-to-play members will be able to buy any content that isn’t included in the free-to-play version with cold, hard cash, or by using Paragon Points. There will also be special rewards only available through Paragon Points, and some of these rewards will be VIP Member exclusives. Basically, Paragon Points is a better version of the Veteran Rewards system, which has been a part of the game for years. Another restriction is that free-to-play members will only be able to reach level 50 with their heroes and villains.

NCSoft is even taking care of former players that wish to return. Any former subscribers that return to City of Heroes using the free-to-play version will have access to “nearly everything” that they earned during their subscription including character slots, boosters, and game expansions, as well as their Vetern Rewards points, which can be used in the Paragon Points store.

This is something that I have been waiting for! I played diligantly through the free 7-day trial of this game and went through some hardcore withdrawal when it was over. I swore to myself that I would drop the money to buy the game if it ever went free-to-play, and I intend to start saving up now to keep that promise! I think it’s incredible to finally see this happening, and seeing how other free-to-play MMO games, including the fellow superhero-themed Champions Online, respond to this should be interesting as well.

There’s no word on when Issue 21 will be released, but I will certainly update this post as more news develops.

Are you going to start playing City of Heroes now? Did you play previously and are you open to considering coming back via the free-to-play mode? Are you subscribed and excited for the new bonuses coming to subscribers? Are you going to drop your subscription to use the free-to-play model? Do you not give a crap? Leave a comment either way!

As a last point, if you’re interested in picking up City of Heroes now or when Issue 21 is released, you can purchase City of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection here (using this link will help support Chu★Blog at no extra cost to you!), or you can purchase it via Steam here.


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    Jen said,

    I consider interesting this kind of game. At some point, after a lot of adventure/complex games you really need some light entertainment.

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