Good Old Games Is Giving Away A Ton of Free Games!

Yes, you read that right!

Good Old Games, an amazing website for classic retro computer games with a few modern titles mixed in, is approaching its 6 millionth game download, and they’re celebrating in a big way!

The person who is responsible for the 6 millionth download will get the entire game library for free. Yes, the entire library!

Don’t think that lucky person will be the only one getting some goods, though. For 48 hours after that 6 millionth download, everybody will be able to download Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars Director’s Cut for free!

If you haven’t signed up at GOG yet, there’s no reason not to; not only are the games available from them awesome and very well priced, but you get four games for free right off the bat, including Tyrian 2000, which is an incredibly addicting shooter that I played to death as a kid. Also, as of right now, Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar is still free for download, so you can nab that as well.

Why are you still reading this? Go sign up!


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