~About Me~

My name is Gina Giannetti. I am a writer-in-training born and raised in Long Island, New York in a fairly traditional Italian family. Besides my family and friends (who will forever be the treasures that enrich my life), my life mainly involves around working to overcome myself and my own faults to rise above and eventually reach my goal of spending my life writing novels and articles and sharing it all with the world.

Throughout my life, I’ve developed a passion for video games, board gaming, literature, science fiction, fantasy, and several other things. I love sharing my ideas and opinions with others and engaging in intelligent conversation, which is what inspired me to start this blog and to share my voice with you all. As time goes on, that love has grown into a deep interest in science fiction, fantasy, and geek culture journalism. It may not pay any bills, but it’s what I love to do!

I encourage all kinds of suggestions, questions, comments, and constructive criticism about Chu*Blog and all of my various other works. Feel free to e-mail me or contact me in any of my other venues via the ~Connect With Me~ widget on the right side of the page, I am always interested in meeting new people!

Thank you all so much for checking out Chu★Blog. I hope my work here makes you think and gives you as much enjoyment as I get creating it all!

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